FR Legends APK VS Dubai Drift 2 APK – A Comparison of Drifting Games

FR Legends APK and Dubai Drift 2 APK are both new versions of car racing and drifting games. They’re great for people who love both racing and drifting. When comparing Drifters FR Legends APK VS Dubai Drift 2 APK, we tend to support our favorite game.

FR Legends APK

fr legends apk

Dubai Drift 2 APK

Dubai Drift 2 APK

In this article, we’ll talk briefly about the Mod apks of the games and their features. Finally, we’ll share our conclusion.

Dubai Drift 2 APK

Dubai Drift 2 APK is a drifting game made by Zero Four LLC. In this game, you drive cars, but instead of racing like in other games, your main goal is to drift perfectly. Since it started in 2014, the game has become quite popular and has been downloaded by millions of people.


To tackle the beautiful stages of drifting, you first need to understand how to control the car. In Dubai Drift 2, when you join a race, players are taken to a big parking lot where they can get familiar with the car’s interface before riding the “poetry” on the highway.

First, you’ll see some virtual buttons on the screen that you’ll need to get used to. The accelerator pedal and brake division will be on the right side of the screen with clarity. On the left side is the car’s steering wheel, which helps adjust the direction of the car. You can gently turn it to feel the smoothness of the car. And if you find it difficult, you can switch the steering wheel completely to the left-right buttons for easier control.

To perform quality drifts, press the accelerator pedal with force to make the most of the car’s speed until the car reaches its maximum speed, then suddenly brake, and adjust the steering wheel according to your preference. The car will spin immediately with extreme skill, leaving long rubber tracks on the road surface and the audience applauding continuously.

Speed is not everything

As I mentioned, Dubai Drift 2 APK is a racing game, but it’s not about being the fastest to reach the finish line like other racing games. Instead, it’s all about becoming the best drifter. Sometimes, it’s not just about how fast you go!

Have you seen the movie “Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift”? The drifting scenes in that movie, like the ones with the “Drift King” or “Drift Mona Lisa,” are super exciting, even more than watching F1 racing. That’s why it’s one of the most loved Fast and Furious films. Do you want to drift like them? Well, Dubai Drift 2 is the place to make that dream a reality.

Unlock the most powerful cars

In Dubai Drift 2 APK, there’s a bunch of really cool racing cars from famous brands all over the world. You might think brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Porsche are just selling for drifting, right? Well, that’s because when you’re playing in Dubai, which is the fanciest place ever, you just want to enjoy the moment.

Basically, any car in Dubai Drift 2 can do awesome drifts, but to make them smoother, they need to meet certain standards. A good car should be able to go really fast, stay stable, and have good traction. But the better the car, the more expensive it is. So, if you want to own one, you’ll have to work hard. Or if you’re tired of playing and saving money, just download our Dubai Drift 2 MOD APK version right away. All cars are unlocked, so you can choose any car you like.

Dubai Drift 2

Dubai Drift 2 APK-PROS

  • I must say, Dubai Drift 2 has a high-level graphics platform compared to other games
  • Dubai Drift 2 has a collection of extremely quality racing cars from many brands.

Dubai Drift 2 APK-CONS

  • Dubai Drift 2 compared to other racing games is that you don’t have to launch really fast to be the first to reach the finish line

FR Legends APK

FR Legends apk provides such an immersive experience of car customization that it rotates the camera and shows your car from different angles. Because of this, you can see your customization from every angle. Moreover, the car customization is displayed in such detail that you feel fully immersed in the experience.

Another winning point in FR Legends APK is the replay option. In the end, you can watch the replay of your final moments from different angles to assess your performance.

Multi Playing Mode

FR Legends provide multiple-player mode features. Consequently, players can race with other players from around the world. Players can invite friends to join them on the track and have fun drifting.

Multi Tracks & Challenges

FR Legends provide multiple tracks to try players’ racing expertise. Besides, each track has its challenges, hurdles, and difficulty levels. Users can go from easier to advance levels gradually while learning the game.

Drifting Experience

FR Legends provides a drifting experience closer to reality due to its accurate physics modeling. The player stimulates natural drifting. 


FR Legends’ car customization feature is a rich experience for game lovers. One can move from central to minor parts and switch the part with various available options. Additionally, players can choose paint jobs, steering wheels, levers, engines, tires, and even accessories.

My Choice

Now we’re reaching the end of our article to make our final decision. It’s a challenging decision because both games provide a comprehensive experience with almost all the features that a player would want. Both games offer different challenge levels, multiplayer modes, and immersive experiences. However, we have to choose one winner.


In Dubai Drift 2, you’ll compete against millions of players worldwide, enjoying the game’s realistic physics and exploring our stunning tracks surrounded by a great collection of racing cars.

  • Unlocked Cars,
  • you can select the car, even if it is locked.
  • You cannot join the Online mode when playing the MOD version.

Becoming a professional drift racer is definitely the dream of many people here, let’s make it come true in the racing game Dubai Drift 2 now!